A variety of different fillers can be used to maintain or restore volume in the face depending on the desired cosmetic result.

Juvederm and Belotero

These filling products are comprised of clear gel hyaluronic acid, which replicates the natural components of the skin that normally provide volume. These agents are used to restore and replace volume and fill lines in the nasolabial folds, the marionette lines (at the corners of the mouth and chin), sunken cheeks, and tear troughs (a natural crease below the lower eyelid). Additionally repletion of the vertical lines that form around the mouth and natural augmentation of the lips can be performed. The hyaluronic acid products last approximately 6 months.


Radiesse is a volumizing filler composed of calcium hydroxyapatite and acts as a scaffold to stimulate the regeneration of natural collagen thereby restoring lost volume in the face. As such Radiesse is intended for repletion of deeper folds, sunken cheeks and jowls. The results of Radiesse injection can last more than 12 months.

Consultation and Costs

Insurance does not cover the injection of Juvederm as it is undertaken for cosmetic reasons. The patient is therefore responsible for the cost of the treatment at the time of the procedure. Costs will be quoted prior to treatment. Your physician will discuss costs with you.

We require that you call to set up a consultation prior to initiating treatment. This will afford you and your physician the opportunity to thoroughly discuss the procedure and to develop a treatment plan that is best suited for you. Should you choose to initiate treatment, the cost of the consultation will be deducted from the cost of your initial treatment session, which will be scheduled at a later date.

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