Dermatologic Surgery

Dermatologic surgery encompasses a wide variety of in office surgical procedures relating to the biopsy and/or removal of skin lesions. All are performed under local anaesthesia or do not require anaesthesia. These include:

  • Biopsy with or without sutures
  • Excision with or without sutures
  • Cryosurgery – the destruction of growths by freezing with liquid nitrogen
  • Electrosurgery – the destruction of growths by electric current
  • Mohs Surgery – a specialized procedure indicated for the precise removal of certain skin cancers
  • Acne surgery – minor incisional or injection treatments that help promote the resolution of clogged pores and pimples.
  • Incision and drainage – for boils and ruptured cysts

Our physicians will always spend the amount of time that is required to discuss the available treatment options, to enable you to choose the most suitable procedure for your specific problem.

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