Cosmetic Treatments

We have a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help "rejuvenate" the face and help with hair loss. Although results are more subtle when compared to the potentially dramatic results obtained from invasive cosmetic surgical procedures, these treatments have the advantage of being extremely patient friendly. The following treatments are all available at Dermatology Associates of Morris:

  • Removal of benign growths.
  • Botox injection to improve frown lines by relaxing the muscles that cause them.
  • Fillers to fill in wrinkles and folds.
  • Glycolic Acid Peels to help diminish fine lines and pigmentation by gently exfoliating surface cells.
  • PRP injection of platelets taken from your own blood to treat hair loss.
  • Kybella for fat removal.
  • Microneedling to stimulate new collagen formation.
  • Sclerotherapy to treat spider veins.

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